Young Millionaires Are Conscious of What they are Grinding and Planning For



Remind yourself what are your Grinding for… What is Your Y card… What Type of life do you want 2 live as of now and what type of Legacy do you want 2 leave behind you….

These are the type of question Successful people consume there time with answering first b4 making any real Moves….

ET The Hip Hop Preacher broke it down… Principle Over Pleasures/Feelings…

What does that mean to you…. What are you willing to sacarfice and give up temporarily to see true meaningful impact followed by long lasting results….

Are you you working all week to blow it all away over the weekend to try 2 Pop fresh in front of People who don’t care 2 much about you and aren’t doing nothing 2 help your movement …

Make your current Decisions with Several Generation fate in Mind… Take more Pride In the Process… Understand your living for more than Just the Now…That every Action has a ReAction and that you get to choose 2 Be Sorta Rich for a nite or You can establish generational Wealth that spans over Several Generations….

U Can live that YOLO or U can Grind and Have that Generational wealth span 10 fold….






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