You Cant Short Cut Succes…. You have to Go Thru It 2 Get 2 It

Just remember there is no Escalators for your Success…. U Must take the Stairs up….

Going over some past notes from 1 of my past Success Sessions with one of my Mentors the Big Homie CJ as I’m getting ready for my Speaking Engagements for this Thursday for the AZREIA Millennial Real Estate investor meeting…..
One Gem he dropped that I will be sharing…. Your Passion is What You want in life… Your Purpose is what God has in store for your life… Once your are able to Intertwine the 2… Your start to Walking in your Divine right…..


A seperate Gem I got on the 3rd time of Reading the Secerts of the Millionaire mind by T. Harv Ecker….

3 Levels of Want with a little YMS Twist 2 it….

* Want = Basic level of want where you just barely want it… Only if it’s microwaved up and served on a dinner tray on your Lap will only then will you go after it….

** Choose = When you make a choice you are Sacarficing other poetential options and it’s more involvement as most people don’t even make choices in life… they just let life Choose for them… ( What happens when you don’t operate with Intentional Purpose )

*** Commitment = Highest level of Want… Meaning you are burning the Boat and that you have made your stance and there is no going back… The Easiest way 2 pull ppl card on there commitment levels… Show me where and what your investing your time and money n2 and I tell you what your truly committed too….

Recap : Want = Stuff you just say you would like…. Choose = Things you do to show the World you made a choice…. Commitment = Where you Invest your Time & Money into consistently….

This week right down a list of 3 things You Want vs You Choose vs Things Your Committed to…. Share your list with some1 u care about and watch how much more accountable you become to your word once you are aware of the difference between the Want vs your Commitments