The Power of Your Name and How To Empower others thru there Name

So I’m flying out of town yesterday to Palo Alto that is 30min north of San Francisco for The Passover weekend to spend time with my 93yr old Poppy and the rest of the family….

I get to the Airport and one of the SkyCap workers mentioned that I have a Powerful name and that he named his son ELIJAH as well and that he sees something special in that son then the rest of his kids 4 some reason…

I go on 2 explain to him the Power of having a Powerful name especislly when its Paired with Parents who help raise the level Expectations for that kid, where they are reminded that they were Born 2 do something great on this planet with there lives and they aren’t like the rest of there friends 4 a reason…

I shared with him an Acronym I came up for my first name that All Elijah’s out there should be Rocking…. ( Even Non Elijah’s should come up with Acronym for their own name ) U want this Acronym to be Simple but Impactful so when you walk away it leaves a lasting impression of what your all about….etc….
E = Empowering
L = Leaders
I = Inspiring
J = Joy
A = Applied
H = Hustle with Humility
The SkyCap guy was almost in tears and asked if I could write it down for him and that he is going to make a painting with his wife for his Son with the Acronym and make a new painting of the name and Acronym with there son each year as a way 2 remember the Power of Speaking Postitivity n2 some1’s life thru their Name….

The simple and subtle impact you can have on others life by just sharing what you are doing in your daily life… helps remind yourself that your on the right path….