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What is the Young Millionaire Society?

Young Millionaire Society is an organization dedicated to:

  • Help future millionaires turn there passion into a profit
  • Connect like-minded individuals build invaluable relationships
  • Build powerful connections with potential opportunities (that you never  may of have access to otherwise)

Benefits of Joining

Hustle of the Month

Highlight one Entrepreneur around the world and share how they are making money and how they are filling a void that others overlooked.

Prosperity Podcast

Hear interviews of  Entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Learn invaluable lessons from others' experiences and see how their journey might help save you time, money and heartache while you are on your journey.

Ask the Society

Interactive format where you get to ask some of the hardest questions that are stopping you on your journey.  Elijah, his guest experts, along with others in the community are able to provide feedback and insight to help answer questions so that we are all growing and elevating each other as a Society.

Business Showcase TOP Producers

Highlight people and businesses that are winning big time. Be it... big companies (like Dre and Beats by Dre) getting bought out to small mom and pops companies, and those are experiencing major victories.

Elijah Rubin (Founder of YMS)

Elijah Rubin is a Phoenix, Arizona entrepreneur. He is the founder of Young Millionaire Society and owner of WIIN, LLC, a real estate consulting firm specializing in off market properties acquired through probate, city violations and fire, flood or vandalism damage. In his 10 years in real estate, Elijah has completed over 400 transactions and sold over 300 million dollars worth of real estate. He is known as the “Fire Damage King” in the Arizona real estate market – a well-earned title.

He founded the Young Millionaire Society to enable them to connect with other like-minded people going in the same direction and looking to make a global and local impact Each day, Elijah strives to add value to his business and personal relationships by being a blessing to everyone he meets.

His life mantra is “Each one; teach one.” His clients consistently praise his professionalism, knowledge, integrity and follow-through.

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